Welcome to Iron Tree Forge

Workshop & Homestead

 Heirloom quality custom bladesmithing, fine historical reproductions, restorations, art, and research for collectors, museums, and aficionados. Along with community and education furthering the understanding of history, hand crafts, and life of the craftsman in the 21st century

We are Iron John and Copperrein of Iron Tree Forge. Our art focuses on top-quality handmade historical reproductions, restorations, art, and education. We are currently building the site and gathering all our past work from multiple platforms so please bear with us as things change and we nail down any glitches.

Onondaga 1874.jpg

  Located near the historic town of Onondaga Michigan, Iron Tree Forge is the home and workshop of Iron John Logan and Stephanie Copperrien. with their 75 years combined experience... test