Custom Orders

If you're here, you must like our stuff. Great! Before sending off the contact form please take a moment to read the following. You'll learn about our policies and how to make the entire process simple and stress free.

What should you include in your message?

You'll find a space to enter a message on our contact form. This is where you can tell us exactly what you want.

Please include the following:

  • Type of weapon/tool you want

  • Approximate size desired (if specifying blade length due to local laws/professional requirements, please denote that)

  • Materials you prefer, if any

  • Special details including stuff like filework, etching/engraving, inlay, feathers, fur, etc etc

  • A budget you can handle. Keep in mind we never take the full project price in one go (see below)

What happens next?

Once we receive your contact entry, you'll get an email back in a couple days, sometimes a week. At this point it helps us if you've made a sketch of roughly what you want. You don't have to be an epic artist, the stick-figure equivalent of an ax or knife is fine. We just find it easier to communicate visually and having a drawing with design specifics will make the whole project go smoother.

If everyone is still feeling good, materials and price will be discussed. You will be provided a payment schedule and an estimated time to completion. Once the initial down payment is received your project will be put in the queue and any necessary materials will be ordered. 

What else should I know?

Now we get to the boring details.


You are ordering art from us. We don't do production-type blades. Each and every piece we produce is made by hand from scratch. We are not an online catalog of wall hanger LARP toys. Rush orders are not accepted. Our swords take more than a month to make. We don't make four hour knives because we make good blades. Each project is worked on based on the order in which we receive the down payment. You will receive an estimated time to completion but this is an estimate. Life happens. Weather affects work. If it's winter or if an extra hot summer happens, we have to slow down. Quality of the work and our health and safety come first. That being said, we try to meet the estimated schedule for each item.

If you don't specify which artist, Iron John or Copperrein, you want to create your project, we will play rock paper scissors for it. No, that's a lie...the person most enthusiastic and most versed in the construction techniques will take it. Sometimes we will both work on an object. We will produce a work of art, history, and passion no matter through whose hands is has passed.

Payment: A down  payment of up to half the total price and subsequent payments as the project progresses. If your total quote is $600 or less, you'll make two payments. If it's more than $600 we will break it up into more installments. Shipping and handling is added to the final payment. We never ever accept full payment. This is for the benefit of both parties. The down payment covers design, layout, research, material, etc. Once the project is started and all of the above has taken place, down payment is non-refundable. In certain cases we will refund the remainder of the down payment left after design, layout, research, and materials.

We use paypal. Paypal protects both parties. If you wish to use another method to pay, we will need to add a 5% fee to the total.

Shipping is estimated when the project starts and we do all we can to minimize this cost. If your order is a special size/shape and requires non-standard boxing, cost for materials and labor will be added.

Legal & warranties

Our work is guaranteed for life (while I, Iron John Logan/Copperrein, are still living). we will replace or repair any issues that arise resulting from our own craftsmanship as long as the project is used in a manner consistent with it’s intended use. Until final payment is received, project is the sole property of, I, Iron John Logan/Copperrein or other including titles . After final payment and shipment, I, Iron John Logan/Copperrein keep all rights to photos and other media pertaining to the project.

If purchaser communicates threats of any kind, charges back or otherwise removes down payment; the project will be stopped and purchaser looses all rights to the project, materials and all other items relating to the order.