D-Handle Petty Knife, Right Handed

Copperrein created this multi-purpose chef's petty knife from homemade 1095/15n20 damascus. This mix of steels lends to a high-carbon blade that exhibits wonderful edge retention and less chance of unwanted corrosion when taken care of properly. A double flat grind bevel and graceful distal taper allows for fine precise work. Blade is fully heat treated and tempered.

The handle features a Japanese D shape and is right-handed. The contouring causes the handle to tuck in to the palm, increasing control. Figured Maple, American Cherry, and Zircote are firmly affixed to the hidden tang by friction fit with black epoxy filling any gaps and ensuring a knife that will last generations. The handle has been sealed with several coats of food safe polyurethane and polished to a medium gloss.

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