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1918 US Bolo Knife WIP

Reproduction of 1918 US Bolo Knife for the Centennial of the Great War 2018 by Iron John Logan. Original WIP post on the Art of Weapons Facebook group Maker's Challenge November 2018

1/4 x2 1095 tool steel. Decided to go with stock removal

Figured it all out by scale from a number of photos I found online. Only measurement I know is 10-3/8 blade everything else are my own guesstimate

starting the distal tapper. I may be way over thinking this as these were originally cheap contracted military tools - but I want this thing to cut to its best ability

Distal taper in place, initial bevel started

foundation geometry completed

slack belt to round it all in. Grinding complete

Drilled balance holes in the tang, same size and placement as the originals

Finishing the tang - made the tenon for the pommel, ground in the finger groove. Also started the pommel

Stamped the blade. Right side says "US, MOD, 1917" as it is the 1917 variation of the 1910 US Bolo.

Left side says "Plumb, Phila, 1918" this is the correct info for the bolos carried by Americans in 1918

Filed in the dovetail slot for the guard and refining the pommel

Ready for heat treat

Heat treated, guard and pommel attached

Ready for Parkerizing

Parkerized DIY - Homemade Parkerizing Solution - How To Etch a Knife ~ OUTDOOR EXPERIMENT

Finished Bolo and reconstructed sheath with original antique cavass cover by Iron John Logan. WWI French 75mm artillery armour in back ground

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