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Alaska Tomahawk

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Tomahawk Iron John Logan made for a traditional woodcarver in the Tlingit (Totem Pole) area of Alaska. The overall design is inspired by historical tomahawks of the Mississippian style of the southern plains, though the customer designed the carved engravings I did around the eye in the Tlingit style.

I hand forged this of 1050 carbon steel with Swedish Silver steel cutting edge. Hammer poll and traditional diamond shaped eye. Handle of flame curly Hickory with bands of hot checkering and traditional Aquafortis stain. Walnut dyed sheep leather quirt completes the piece.

I started with the customer's own sketch. As an artist himself, he knew what he wanted and could convey that to me on paper. As a woodcarver he wanted a tool that he could use while camping and in his work, but he wanted it as traditional as possible. As he already has many pieces in the style of his native Alaska, he wanted something from another American region - we both agreed that the Mississippian style is not commonly seen in todays makers, so would make a truly one of a kind piece.

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