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Auction number 2 Mameluke Saber CLOSED

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Auction number 2 starts December 30th 2022, ends 9pm EST New Years Day January 1st 2023


Up for grabs is the beautiful Mameluke style saber made by the contemporary artist Iron John Logan, signed and dated 2022. Inspired by original swords used by European and American officers after Napoleon's Egypt campaign in 1801, entirely handmade it is a work of art in itself, would be a beautiful addition atop someone's mantle or in the hands of a wielder. 28 inch blade is a hema quality blunt that is fully heat treated, patinaed, hand engraved and 24k gold plated. Blade could be sharped on buyer request. Hilt is cast silicon bronze, 24k gold plated and patina. Grip is made from faux horn carved and coated with an asphaltum varnish. Age and patina by artist. Overall 35 inches, point of balance 5 inches forward of hilt. Heavy but lively saber any early 19th century officer would carry with honor. Buyer can request a scabbard at additional charge.

Build album of making the Mameluke Saber can be found at

Auction will start at $1

Bidding in the comments, highest comment in allotted time wins.

Bidding in US Dollars, buyer responsible for shipping and insurance

PayPal, personal check, and lay away available

Message with questions

Good luck and happy bidding!!!

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