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Axe forged tomahawk

Forged pipe tomahawk
Axe forged pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan

Using axe forging techniques to create a wrapped eye tomahawk all because of a hunch. Starting with a bar size that would have been more readily available on the American frontier and following the hints seen on original tomahawks - this technique is labor intensive, moving metal in unexpected ways, but in the end looks promising.

After some basic shaping I next forge the pipe, it's stem, and a Chevron skirt from a piece of pipe and fit it to the eye of the axe ready for brazing

Finally got the pipe and it's skirt brazed to the wrap eye of the axe forged tomahawk. Had more difficulty than expected but came out beautifully in the end. Now to clean up and to finalize all my shapes and details by hand and file. More to come

The axe forged tomahawk is now draw filed and stone polished the architecture is carved and every detail touched up to perfection. It is now a blank canvas for all the varying applied arts - just have to decide what I want to do.... More to come

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