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Barberpole Spontoon

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Spontoon tomahawk by Iron John Logan
Spontoon tomahawk by Iron John Logan

Barberpole Spontoon pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan

Spontoon tomahawks are a blending of cultures, a mix of a traditional European spear carried by officers as a badge of rank and the American traditional weapon of the tomahawk. Antique spontoons tomahawks very widely in construction techniques and style, most being forged locally on the Frontier at outpost blacksmith shops for trade and gifts to the Native Americans, each maker having his particular aesthetic. This overall "blacksmith" style is a true American folk art, sometimes crude but with a simple rugged elegance honed by the wild frontier.

The Barberpole Spontoon is forged and filled from gun barrel blank with a forge welded steel bit. Weld lines are present at the transition between the blade and the quillions. Anti-moldings and punchwork decorations mimicking moldings and chevrons adorn the cheeks and sides of the eye, and punchwork crosses on four sides of the pipe bowl. The plumb brown finish is worn to a beautiful russet patina that highlights the hand filed surfaces, witness marks, and forge scale denoting the hand labor of traditional techniques. The handle of hand carved hickory is carved in a traditional "barberpole" motif, dyed with walnut hulls, and a hand rubbed oil finish to a beautiful aged gloss. It is drilled and sealed to the head for smoking with a leather gasket. Age and patina by artist. Signed and dated 2022. Measures 19 inches by 9 with a 5 inch blade. Not sharp, smokeable

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