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Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll theatre-knife by Iron John Logan

In July of 1946 history changed. Operation Crossroads was the first Nuclear Weapons tests after the ending of WWII; beginning with a bomb named Able, then another named Baker. These tests were carried out in and around a small atoll in the South Pacific called Bikini.

A few days after Baker was set off 90 feet under water Louis Réard, a French fashion designer, introduced his newest design - The Bikini swimsuit.

In my extensive research into war knives, I found reference to a sailor that bought a surplus Randall-Springfield knife on way to his deployment in Operation Crossroads and took it with him to Bikini. Since learning this I have wanted to pay homage to this sailor, this knife, and this moment in time when history changed.

Forged and hand finished high carbon steel blade in the style of the Randall-Springfield, patina'd brass guard, handle of original colorized photos (Baker test and swimsuit) encased in period plastics; Mircarta and Lucite, aluminum pommel, and hand braided leather lanyard. Hand sewn and riveted leather sheath.

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