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Broken blade long knife

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Broken sword, long knife
Broken blade long knife by Iron John Logan

Broken blade long knife with slot hilt made from a cutdown saber blade. Reminiscent of the resourceful recycling found on the frontier, where old worn out equipment was often put to new use with available materials. The blade exhibits a deep fuller and bimetal forge welded construction of an early American made saber blade, with a beautiful age patina and the hand carved birds eye maple handle is decorated with simple folk art carvings and iron nails. The brass guard and ferrel looks as if it is cut from a larger sword hilt. Hot dipped tinsmithed scabbard with leather frog and copper rivets. Age and patina by artist, signed and dated 2022.

Long knife, broken saber, tinsmithed scabbard
Long knife by Iron John Logan

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