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Broken 'Hawk Peace Pipe

Brass tomahawk with trade silver and curly handle
Broken 'Hawk Peace Pipe by Iron John Logan

In the day's of the frontier all metal objects became valuable further one got from the centers of trade in the east. What might be considered trash became items to be traded and used for new tasks, or used as material for new objects. History shows us many examples of this with archaeological examples from all major early American sites showing recycling taking place. Lewis and Clark recorded in 1806 that they were shocked to find metal objects they had traded hundreds of miles before had beat them to their destination, often modified or altered from their original task.

Broken 'Hawk Peace Pipe is just that, a broken brass trade tomahawk with the British "fancy"pattern engraving that looks to have been personalized into a smoking pipe. The brass head shows considerable age and patina but the engraving is clear, the blade missing at first molding forward of the eye and in it's place dangles a trade silver triangle in effigy pierced and strung on a small steel ring. It is further decorated with tied silk ribbon of red and green fibers. The hand carved handle exhibits a beautiful twist motif and paddle board stem. It is drilled it's entire length and is connected to the head for smoking with a fringed brain tan buckskin gasket. Traces of paint shine through a beautiful hand rubbed oil just gleaming as if by use and time. Age and patina by Artist, dated 2023

Original archaeological example of broken brass trade tomahawk continued to be used as a pipe

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