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The Feathered Chief Dag

Updated: Jun 1

Pearl, walnut, and silver
Broken Lance Dag by Iron John Logan

Dag by Iron John Logan is a contemporary piece in the style of Dag knives common on the American frontier. Made from a broken Lance blade, pearl and silver wire inlay it would have been owned by a high ranking individual or war chief to show his prowess in battle. Stiff diamond cross section blade made from a broken Lance is rough filed and scratched by over sharpening and shows pitting and signs of rust. The American black walnut hilt is bound in brass langets with floral motifs and is inlayed with trade pearl (abalone) and a face of a feathered Indian in silver wire. Darkly patinaed brass dots are engraved with small circles and show scuff marks. Number of missing inlays and wires in the Indian's face suggest a great deal of use. Age and patina by artist

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