Cannabis Coconut Oil

There's dozens of recipes out there telling you how to make your own weed-infused coconut oil. Woo...super simple stuff. If you've happened upon my version then I'm sorry. I don't have some big long rambling post about my kids or my pet.

I love winter but holy shit as I get older and the climate gets more angry I am not coping well. I need shit to do in the winter or my family suffers. ENTER WEED! Well, enter my new found love of cannabis. It's legal here in Michigan so I'm all good but you'll need to know your local laws. I am not responsible for you, what you do with the information found anywhere on this site, nor am I avowing any sort of expertise. I don't blindly trust randos on the internet and neither should you.

But what can you do with cannabis coco oil?

I make baked goods and candies with mine. One really badass aspect of cannabis is not only does the strain and growing/harvest conditions affect weed effects and potency, so does the method of ingestion. My current mix of trim (what's left from cleaning up the flowers of the cannabis plant) is comprised of Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies, Seedsman's Gelat.OG, and Emerald Triangle's Critical Sour Diesel CBD in roughly a 1:1:1 ratio.

From this one mish mash of plant matter I experience a different effect when consuming the cannabis via a fat like coconut oil than I do consuming it via distilled tincture. Smoking it leads to a third effect. Hopefully as more states go legal, more mainstream academic/research institutions will explore the science behind how cannabinoids interact and affect humans.

Ok so...

Copperrein's Chintzy Cannacoco Crap

  • A decent amount of trim and/or flower. I use anything that's got 'sugar' (the frosty stuff that makes the ganja 'dank'...known as trichomes) and that isn't pretty enough to go in my jars or give away.

  • An amount of coconut oil enough to cover all the weed. I buy from Amazon because I live in a rural area that thinks Jalapeno peppers are ethnic as fuck. I assume they fear coconut oil is what us liberals use to spread Communism or whatever it is this week. ANYWAYS....I can only find horribly over-priced bullshit coconut oil locally so I go with amazon. Go ahead and be all 'Bwaaa Bezos! Corporate scum!'...that coconut oil has a human and environmental price no matter who you buy it from. Get over it.

That's it for ingredients. You'll need some tools, too:

  • Double boiler of some sort. I use two heavy aluminum stew pots nested inside each other with water in between. Use whatever you want that will create a slow even heat.

  • Cheese cloth or clean low-lint/lint-free cloth like an old t-shirt

  • Gloves (not 100% needed but trust want them unless you desire Shrek hands for a few days)

  • Device to prod and poke at stuff on stove (some people use spoons...I also use spoons. Yay spoons)

Super easy method:

  1. If your coconut oil isn't liquid, microwave it for a few seconds, stir, nuke more, stir....etc. until it's liquid. Don't burn it, you goon.

  2. Put all your Devil's Kale in the double boiler

  3. Pour in liquid coconut oil until all the weed is just covered

  4. Turn on your burner to low and let it cook away for at least 3 hours. My stove has a 'simmer burner' that I'll just leave my pot on while I'm near. I try to get at least 6 hours of infusing time in. Last time it was closer to 10. I haven't really looked into the optimal time yet and will do so in the future.

  5. You want to try to keep your oil temp around 220-230f. This is the best temp for converting THCa (the THC acid as it is found naturally occurring in the plant and which doesn't cause much of a high) into the well loved THC. Don't go over'll start to degrade the THC above this.

  6. Put your gloves on and contrive some manner in which to transfer all the green magic you just made into a sieve and storage container. I line a large bowl with a cotton tee, using a big rubber band to keep the shirt from falling into the bowl as I dump all the oil and weed into it. I gather up the shirt around the weed glob and begin to squeeze out as much oil as I can with my gloved hands.

  7. Truss up the smelly sack of weed above your jar/bowl whatever and leave it. Let the rest of what oil remains in the bud and leaves drain out.

  8. Once drained and strained and to your liking store in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge.

That's it! I'm working on some recipes using DIY cannabis-infused products but really if you have basic kitchen skills you should be able to find all sorts of yummy stuff to Canna-bilize

Dosing: I'll be honest...I have no idea how many milligrams of whatever cannabinoid is in my canna coco oil. I make it and then eat 1/2 a teaspoon and wait. Never had an edible before? You need to wait. Consuming weed as an edible can mean up to (supposedly) a six hour wait before you can feel anything. While I've never had to wait that to two hours is not rare. POINT IS don't pop a gummy or bon bon or whatever....wait 15 minutes and be all like 'Oh man, this shit's weak...I'll eat a few more'. Oh no....not if you're new to this. Just wait.

Oh, one word on frying: you don't have to fry in coconut oil (canna-infused or not). It has a stupid-low smoke point and the flavor doesn't translate super well to frying in my limited experience. You can do all of the above process with any clean fat....yes...I'm talking about bacon grease obviously. Or my second fav fat: avocado oil (which has a wonderfully high smoke point and little flavor. Same rules apply: hold at 220-240f for a period of time and don't let it get above 245f.


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