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Ehooxe knife and sheath

Knife, quillwork, red and yellow and white
Quillwork knife and sheath set by Iron Tree Forge

Ehooxe, the Cheyenne phrase for "he brings back good meat" knife and sheath set by Iron Tree Forge. Expertly handcrafted contemporary art in a style seen on the frontier prairie of the American West. Extensive quillwork and rugged spring steel blade pares into a beautiful combo any user or collector can admire.

The hand forged knife by Iron John is rough from the hammer and fire and is touchmarked deeply at the riccosso like many blacksmith made trade knives of the American frontier. Maple grip with two brass dots in the pommel balance the blade perfect for skinning and other camp chores. The sheath made of soft elk skin over hardened cowhide core is exquisitely quillworked with hand dyed red, yellow and white porcupine quills by Stephanie Aust. The handle of the knife is also quilled with plaited bands of sinew braided porcupine quills. Brain tan deer suspension with tin cones and motifs of pelt and distant hills brings blessings of good hunting. Measures 5 inch blade, 9in overall. 11 inches in sheath

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