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Firewalker knife and sheath

Bone handle knife, quillwork sheath
Firewalker by Iron John Logan and Copperrein quillwork

Firewalker knife and sheath by Iron John Logan and Copperrein is an exquisite example of some of the finest contemporary american craftsmanship sought by collectors the world over. Hand made with traditional techniques using materials and processes familiar to past generations each of their pieces tells it's own personal story; Firewalker is no different.

Through out many cultures firewalking is seen as an act of bravery and courage beyond personal hardship and pain. The American Frontier was always a rough and scrabble place where true bravery was tested and those not courageous enough simply vanished without a trace. Knives and the sheaths that carried them often meant the difference between life and death in the wilds of the ever moving western frontier.

The seven inch blade is hand forged showing marks from fire and anvil with a deep plunge lines and rounded choil the beautifully integral quillions areswept in a graceful S guard to protect the hand while in use. The forge finished riccosso is deeply cartouched by the artist same as the blacksmiths of old and the handle is mounted with a jappanned steel ferrel cut into eight facets

The grip is made from a deeply colorful piece of mineralized deer bone from the artisan springs behind the homestead. Lovingly hand polished to a gleaming luster the mineralization follows the natural surface texture and crazing inherent in the aging of the bone with colors of greens, blacks, and the bright red orange of rust. Considerable wear on the joint surface and a dark patina of age the hollow of the bone is filled with a hard pitch like material creating a solid hard wearing grip.

The hand sewn harness leather sheath is individually molded to fit the blade and built around a solid riveted ring suspension for everyday rugged use. The hand dyed and plaited porcupine quill embroidery is hard stitched it an elk skin sleeve attached over the harness leather core for both a traditional and rugged carrying design

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