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Five Mountains Beaded Sheath

Inspired by Native beadwork, this sheath describes our trip along the Santa Fe trail a few years back.

Coyote tracks travel beyond the flowering dogwoods of the woodlands westward. High peaks of many shades loom waiting as storm clouds threaten.

The sheath is made from oiled cow hide with beaded applique on buffalo. Buckskin fringe with tin cones adorns the cuff, and brass tacks provide extra protection against wear. The triangular cutout acts as a belt loop of sorts with the sheath being tucked between the body and the belt or sash threading through the cutout.

The knife pictured is part of my personal collection and is included for scale. It is an 8" Green River pattern blade with an overall length of 13"

Sheath measures 14.5" x 5.5"

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