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Hallowed Ground: Pipe Tomahawk

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

American Democracy tomahawk
Hollowed Ground pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan

Hallowed Ground: pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan

American Folk art for our modern times, directly inspired by recent events in 2022 using sacred American symbols: Democracy, Morals, Motto, and Loyalty. Traditionally hand forged from a section rifle barrel blank, then carefully filed to sculpt in the architecture common to the early American Federalist period (1788-1800 the birth of our nations presidency). The head is engraved with early American symbols for war and peace: Liberty's shield, the Federal Eagle with United States motto, and the outward facing Constitutional Law "Death to Traitors" outlined in a period correct double line script. The head has been patinaed with a color case hardened blue that is worn and rusted through. Ox blood red handle of the finest curly maple is inset with pierced bands and wire script inlay of silver and brass and is aged to a fine antique appearance. The bands represent the United States flag with stars and stripes, and the script inlay depicts the laurel-sheathed 'US' monogram on one side and the Constitution protected by Democracy on a shield opposite. Handle is hollow and is a functioning peace pipe sealed to the head with a leather gasket and curly maple head plate. Poured pewter mouthpiece and filed brass clean out plug in the historical fashion. Measures 20 inches x 7-1/4, blade steeled but unsharpened to symbolize peaceful readiness. Signed and dated by artist 2022.

American Democracy tomahawk

Iron John's touchmark and date

American Democracy tomahawk

United States Motto "out of many, one", Federal eagle and Liberty's shield. Pierced inlayed band repersenting 13 stripes

American Democracy tomahawk

Our Constitution protected by American Democracy. Bands of stars and stripes

Constitutional Loyalty to our nation is the mark of the true American patriot in both war and peace

John Logan:Dedicated to those that serve to protect our nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, let justice ring!

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