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Inheritance: War Club

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

War club art
War club by Iron John Logan

Inheritance: War Club by Contemporary Artist Iron John Logan

A study in texture, wear, and patina Inheritance is a full scale replica of a Native American keyhole gunstock club with generations of care and modification as the times changed for the Native Peoples of the great plains and western frontier. Hand carved from an exquisite piece of figured maple, native to the western Great Lakes Region and long prized for it's beauty (only the oldest trees create figured wood naturally, tighter figure the older the tree) Inheritance is in the style of a type of native war club, misnomered by early historians "gunstock" that actually predates European contact and has been found archeologically all over North America. The sculpted bronze blade has a rich patina of age and is inspired by copper blades found in pre contact sites. The Keyhole piercings are a motif often seen in Native art and weapons and seems popular across many cultures. Tacks on the other hand only became available with trade with Europeans, these and brightly colored paint was a favorite trade item on the Frontier. These type clubs continued in use and as reminders of the waning warrior culture all though the 19th and into the 20th century. Each generation adding and subtracting, rubbing away layers of history and adding their own.

Stand of reclaimed barn wood, iron nails with timber marks and solid brass armature. Signed and dated 2022 by artist

War club by Iron John Logan

War club, maple, brass tacks

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