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Integral guard dagger

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

A beautiful little dagger forged by Iron John Logan. Inspired by blades of the frontier blacksmith, using what ever scraps reached the outpost. I forged this knife from a tiny sliver of steel, the quillions split and forged from the blade itself, upset back into the riccosso to create a stunning and simple design. The fluted handle (period term Gadrooned, ie straight fluting made from a cross cut scrap of wormy maple shows the striking glimmer of high figure shining out from the aquafortis and oil rubbed wood. steel wire wrap and primitive pitted patina ties the two materials together. Scabbard is leather cored with hand stitched sheep skin outer and hot dipped tin drag. I could see this being worn a couple ways so waiting on buyer choice to tell me how to finish the suspension. Measures 10-1/2 overall with 6 inch blade, quillions are 3 inches wide. Super light and perfectly balanced at 4.5oz. please contact me for price and availability

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