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Iron Bonnet Burgonet

Polished steel, burgonet helmet, patina steel
Iron Bonnet helmet by Iron John Logan

Iron Bonnet Burgonet helmet by Iron John Logan

Reminiscent of the last medieval armour worn as it was superceded by firearms in European conflict, iron bonnets and breast plates came to the New World with the early explorers and have been found archaeologically at early forts and settlements all across the Eastern seaboard of North America. With it's hinged cheek pieces and open face Burgonet helmets show the evolution from earlier Armet helmets of the armoured knight and the later combed "Morion" made infamous by the Spanish Conquistadors. The hooked pear stalk at the top of the crown suggests Flemish or Continental manufacture same as the many found in early English colonial sites. Hand hammered steel with riveted brass rosettes attaching the leather harness. Unlined, full scale wearable to head size 7-1/4 age and patina by artist

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