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Kalamazoo Living History show 2023

Our first event since the beginning of the pandemic we are excited to be heading down to the Kalamazoo Living History show March 18th through the 19th 2023. We've been working our tails off in preparation and have a lot of awesome pieces we are looking forward to sharing in person! If you live in the Midwest I highly recommend this show for all things history pre 1890, antiques, contemporary makers, reenactment and research based presentations.

Pictured below are the majority of what we plan on bringing, not all are for sale some are spoken for and others are personal pieces. But first time they will be all together in one showing. Can't wait to show these off so here's photos and descriptions but hope to see you there this weekend!

Long blades by Iron John Logan

From top:

German forest knife Rugger

Long Knife Cuttoe


Sygyzy Cuttoe

New Amsterdam Side Sword

Mameluke Saber

And behind: Justice Executioner Sword

Detail of above

Native American War Clubs. Two late style "gunstock" clubs, one with two blades the other one a ceremonial tin blade. Two Woodland period ball clubs, one maple with brain tan and the other ash with iron spike.

Tomahawks. A number of trade hawk mods, a hand forged spontoon with beaded drop and Halberd Tomahawk with quill wrap

Lots of knives in different patterns and styles from the 18th and 19th century. A number of listed quillwork and knife sets by Iron John and Steph and the titled piece the Feathered Chief

Hand forged Bascinet helmet, medieval Rondelle dagger, Peace Pipe, and whaling harpoon with an unfinished pipe tomahawk head

Thanks for looking! Hope to see you at the show! For each of these pieces individual postings please click here

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