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Lost wax Bronze pipe tomahawk

Art bronze pipe tomahawk
Bronze pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan

Beautifully hand sculpted lost wax Bronze pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan.

Exactly molded from a one of a kind wax sculpture based on original pipe tomahawks of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the solid cast bronze head is further decorated with hand filed moldings and a fine raked texture. Pipe is drilled and connected to the hickory handle with a buckskin gasket for smoking. The bronze is deeply carved and textured with toothed rake, age, wear and patina by the artist. The distressed Hickory handle is drilled it's length with a crudely carved mouth piece and decorated with folk art incise lines in bans and chevrons. Fiddle peg stopper is hand carved from American black walnut with a distressed ebonized finish. Unlike most reproductions made today Iron John's sculpting technique allows these to be cast full scale, the head and handle measure 8-1/2 from pipe to edge with a full 20 inches handle. Overall it is lovingly hand finished with antiquing oil varnish with layers of age and wear created to great affect by rake and file. Edge is unsharpened same as many originals it is nicked and scratched as if by years of use. A great display piece for the discerning history buff, reenactor, or art collector this tomahawk is built to last generations (not recommend for chopping wood).

Thanks for looking! Follow below link's to current project

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