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Missourian: pipe tomahawk

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Pipe tomahawk, cutouts, pearl inlay
Pipe tomahawk by Iron John Logan

Missourian by Iron John Logan

Pipe tomahawk and stand hand crafted with the collector in mind, using traditional tools and techniques to bring back a piece of the past. The Missourian was inspired by numerous antique tomahawks from the woodland cultures with it's hand forged and file decorated head, hand carved and alkaline stained cherry handle with Keyhole piercings and Pink Lip Pearl inlays. Handle is drilled and lined with brass it's full length for easy smoking and cleaning. Edge is not steeled. Included stand is made from hand rubbed pecan wood with solid brass and felt armatures. Tomahawk is signed and dated by the maker Iron John Logan, and measures 6-1/2 x 17 with a 2inch edge. Stand measures roughly 2x8 by 6 tall

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