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Nessmuk Copy and Re-design

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I was approached to make a copy of an interesting little nessmuk knife with a flesh scraper attached to the handle, always one for the strange or rarely seen design elements I jumped at the chance!

While figuring out how to forge the flesh scraper (for cleaning hides like the beautiful brain tan leather in the back ground done by Matt Weathspoon) I ended up with a couple extra parts - So I decided to not just finish the copy of the original, but to also make a re-design of the same knife with a contemporary nessmuk profile with better working geometry.

Both knives are hand forged and finished high carbon steel, with historic Pecan wood (tree felled pre 1880) handles and forged and case-hardened scraper.

Original in the collection of Museum of the Mountain Man Pinedale, Wyoming

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