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New Amsterdam: town sword by Iron John Logan

Silver plated brass, 1789, new Amsterdam
New Amsterdam by Iron John Logan

New Amsterdam: town sword by Iron John Logan, contemporary art in the style of 18th century cutlery.

By 1789, when George Washington was sworn in as Americas first President on the steps of the new nations capital, New York City, the Dutch had already sequestered the island to the English a hundred years before after the treaty of Berda in 1667. Remaining Dutch and Flemish silversmiths and cutlers became world famous for fine swords for military officers and civilians alike on both sides of the Atlantic. Men of station of the 18th century carried swords as a default sign of status and the early capital would have been filled with swords of the highest caliber in the newest styles straight from Europe. Town swords are small riding sabers similar in classification as a cuttoe or hunting hanger, slightly curved blade under 2ft for close personal protection, balanced for the cut, and as the custom of those with status hilted to show the wealth of the owner.

New Amsterdam by Iron John Logan

New Amsterdam: town sword is a work of fiction or what might have been, inspired by a number of original swords but a new take on old ideas and a romanism for a past dimly lit by history. Visions of blue delft pottery twinkling on the back self of the tavern clouded with a haze of tobacco and wood smoke. The walls were at onetime whitewashed with timbers exposed but smoke and time has tinted them a rich aged luster. Surfaces of worn painted hardwood and darkly fired earthen ware greet you as you take your seat and loud conversation on the news from the capital greets your ears. The man before you sheds his woolen riding cloak and bares to the light his new sword from the famed Dutch cutlers here on the island. You take a seat and in the dim light from the window admire the sword casually hung by it's owner over the back of a chair. The slender blade is long for it's type and is deeply fullered in a tri-cut saber grind, fitted in the white the blade is already seeing what one day might be a rust problem from riding in the wet. The silver hilt is bright and in the newest bursting rays pattern direct from the Sun King in France but on closer inspection might actually be plated with hints of brass poking through. Interestingly the fluted wire bound grip is painted the most dashing patriotic blue though might be only temporarily covering a beautiful burl grip beneath. How you'd wish to see this dashing young patriot in a hundred years, or two? How will this new dandy fare the test of time?

New Amsterdam: town sword is by contemporary artist Iron John Logan. Created entirely by hand often with the same tools the original cutlers and smiths used each pieces is hand fitted shaped and patinaed to the highest degree of detail. Research based and historically plausible Iron John's pieces are a treasure in themselves. All age and patina by artist.

The 23 inch blade is deeply rust pitted through a stone polished white finish and is hilted with silver plated hilt, ferrel, and pommel hand cut and file finished from solid brass. Maple burl grip was hand carved and bound with twisted strands of brass wire before being painted first white then later blue. 29 inches overall.

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