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Quill and Bone knife and sheath

Updated: Feb 2

Knife, bone handle, quillwork leather sheath
Knife and quillwork by Iron John and Stephanie

Quill and Bone knife and sheath made by Iron John and Stephanie of Iron Tree Forge. Traditionally constructed with historical techniques this knife and sheath set is a one of a kind heirloom quality collector piece or everyday user.

Hand forged bag knife by Iron John with brass bolster and iron mineralized white-tailed deer leg bone from the bog behind the farm. 8 inch blade is thin and sharp forged from 1/8in thick high carbon spring steel and is tempered hard for great edge holding. It is touchmarked by the artist deeply at the riccosso and is sharpened to a razor edge. Age and patina by artist.

The sheath is hand sewn elk leather with a hardened cow hide core by Stephanie Aust. The traditional quillwork of hand dyed and painstakingly plated porcupine quills adorn it's face, edge and flap. Tin metal cones with hair brushes adorn the throat, suspension is a simple leather thong in back. Age and patina by artist.

Inspired by original Native American and European settler folk art of the early 1800s but not copies of any one piece, contemporary art. Measures blade, 12-3/4 knife overall, sheath 14-1/2 overall

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