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Roundel Dagger WIP

Roundel Dagger by Iron John Logan. First posted in the Art of Weapons Facebook group Maker's Challenge December 2020

Forging the blade. Piled construction of wrought iron and 1075 steel edges

Cutting out silver and brass flutes for the holloware grip

adjusting the angles on all 6 flutes for the holloware grip

3 panels of 6 flutes tacked together

Holloware grip soldiered

Holloware grip planished and filed

Holloware grip on rough forged blade

Initial grind used and angle grinder. Maybe noobs are on to something, that was way easier and faster than establishing everything on the 2x72! At least when the blade billet is a heavy 1/2 of an inch thick....

Taking the plunge.... going to attempt wire inlay

first of 8 passes of engraving plus a dovetailing pass before I can get the wire in there

It's taking wire!

Patterning grip crowns

I love the geometry of working with sheet metal!



completed holloware grip

Rondels. Forged each piece of wrought iron into a donut so that the grain circles the tang. Bit tricky of a forge weld

cleaning up rondels

Filling holloware grip. Historically this would be cutler's resin, but I used two-part wood filler. I greased the tang first, so once hardened I can get the grip off again for final fitting.

Finishing touches before patina

Comparing patina to bare wrought iron.

final photo

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