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Rugger forest knife and carriage

Rugger knife and sheath
Rugger forest knife by Iron John Logan

Rugger forest knife and sheath with a ring suspended belt loop carriage by Iron John Logan. Traditional German Rugger forest knife hand forged from the study of archeological originals. Extremely stout and expertly balanced forest knife this Rugger is as rugged as expected. 15 inch hand forged blade is ruff from fire and anvil and exhibits a stout fuller beniegh its heavy spine. The full tang is extremely fluted supporting the cow horn and cow bone grip key fit together with tube pins. Engraved brass ring guard protects the hand. Scabbard of heavy harness leather with cenalation fringe is hand stitched and reenforced with solid copper rivets. 21 inches overall in carriage. Reenactment blunt but can be sharpened on request

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