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Syzygy: Cuttoe Sword

Steel, bronze, Impala horn, cuttoe sword
Syzygy by Iron John Logan

18th century Enlightenment
Syzygy by Iron John Logan

Syzygy: Cuttoe sword by Iron John Logan

The age on enlightenment at the end of the 18th century, bringing science and thought to the common man, greatly shaped the Founding Father's ideas of the new nation and the world they lived in. Global trade and new understanding of our place in the solar system brought about a drastic shift in ideas about natural laws and the rights of man. When two heavenly bodies occupy the same sky it's called a syzygy in ancient Greek, often producing the largest tides, I wanted this piece to capture that moment when the Enlightened few took the first steps to change the world forever, to fight a war and bring voice to the everyday American through Common Law and Democracy.

Syzygy is made in the late 18th century "Neo Classical" architecture popular with the Enlightenment showing influence of both Greek and Roman within the European Baroque style. The hand carved bronze hilt has extensive sculpting and engraved details of scrolls and bursting rays on top a field of natural forms. The crenelated bronze ferrel supports the natural ringed horn of the worldly Impala along with ebony and a grotesque of the sun and moon sharing a smile as the pommel. The saw back blade has a deep narrow fuller and is etched with Triumph of Arms, the moon on one face, and the sun on the other and is deeply touchmarked by the artist. Edge and saw sharp and functional

24 inches overall, 18-1/2 inch blade 18oz

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