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The Chase: proto-bowie

Bowie knife, bone handle, scrimshaw, needle etching
The Chase by Iron John Logan

The Chase: proto-bowie by Iron John Logan

Large hunting dirk ("whinger" in Scotland) or early proto-bowie knife ruggedly constructed with solid brass hilt and natural bone grip and pommel. The hand forged blade is deeply fullered across the majority of it's width in a beautiful S grind and is decorated with needle etched hunting scenes on both sides depicting hunting dogs, leaping rabbits, flying birds, blowing winds and scroll ends in a traditional early American folk art style. Solid brass hilt is constructed from cut brass plate with soldered finials and burnished brass ferrel. Grip is made from a naturally disarticulated deer leg bone with a scrimshaw sketch of a hunter wearing capot jacket with long rifle and powder hurn overlooking the scene on the blade. Measures 16-1/2 blade, 22 overall

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