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The Galveston Bowie

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Galveston Bowie knife by Contemporary Artist Iron John Logan.

Bowie knife tortoise shell mock
Bowie knife by Iron John Logan

During the 19th century the city of Galveston was a booming metropolis and its position on the natural harbor of Galveston Bay along the Gulf of Mexico of Texas made it a center of trade and one of the largest ports in the nation. Known as the Ellis Isle of the West, Galveston attracted immigrants from all over the world and was a melting pot of cultures and style, a glittering beacon of civilization on the edge of the dirty and bloody Western Frontier. A causeway was constructed in 1860 linking Galveston to the mainland which paved the way for railroad expansion and wealth poured into the city. Immigrants, especially of German and Mexican descent brought old world skills to the streets, and many an American gentleman would be kitted out for their travels into the heartland and beyond by craftsmen that shaped the styles and fashion of the American West.

The Galveston Bowie was created entirely by hand with these old world techniques: Contemporary art, not a reproduction of any one original but inspired by many from the time period. Traditional materials, processes and patinas; hand forged and draw-filed steel blade, iron "double" D-guard hilt with exquisite maple burl grip. Fine age patina with traces of worn blueing and natural corrosion. Sheath is hand sewn cowhide dyed and stained in a traditional manner to imitate tortoiseshell and bound with German silver langets with clip locket and tortoiseshelled leather cabochon. Knife and sheath are a mated pair, both signed and dated 2022 by the artist. Measures 15 inch blade, 21 inches overall with sheath

Bowie knife by Iron John Logan

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