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Warclub WIP

Warclub by Iron John Logan first posted on Art of Weapons Facebook group Maker's Challenge March 2021

Starting piece of curly and crotch figured maple

Dipped in water so I can see the figure

Used the belt sander to rough out shape

Used a selection of rasps to refine shape

Used a draw knife as a large scraper to refine the flats

Treated with Aquafortis stain of iron Nitrate and water. need to allow this to dry

Heated and oiled

Rough draw filed spike

ears forged out

curling the ears

Ears forged

Final spike sanded then apply cold blue

soaked the cold blued piece in bleach for an hour, cleaned it off then repeat cold blue and bleach again for another hour

Using an original 18th century square shank drill for the point mortise

Final photo

Final photo

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