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Warrior's Clutch 2023

Updated: Apr 18

Ball club, knife, gorget, warrior's Clutch
Warrior's Clutch by Iron John Logan

Warrior's Clutch by Iron John Logan is an inspired set of some of the highest handcraft in America today, consisting of the belongings of an 18th century Woodland Native American these pieces show a colorful and well decorated warrior most likely from the inter war years between the French and Indian conflict and the later American Revolution. Objects like these would be a common sight as young men decorated themselves for battle or the spring raiding party while traditional weapons lay aside European influenced trade items and officers bling with far off imported details to show prowess in life and on the war path.

The hand carved ball club from a natural knot in an ash tree has a striking resemblance to an antique club in the Americas collection of the Metropolitan museum of art. Eighteen inches from ball to pommel the exquisite grain of the ash wood follows the design and accentuates the graceful carving. The roughly round ball is pierced and set with a hand forged iron spike thought by many historians to have been added to pierce wool uniforms mid 18th century. The handle of the club has a single long repaired crack and is bound with brass wire above the grip in what looks to be a long ago repair.

The hand forged trade/scalping knife is a rough forged and hastily ground blank like many of those imported for the Indian trade, fitted out by local blacksmith all over the frontier of America. The four inch blade is thin and razor sharp and deeply cartouched by Iron John Logan's touchmark showing marks from fire and anvil. Full tang with pinned scales of beautifully faceted curly maple it is tempered hard for long life. Brass pins and aqua Fortis stain give the knife a old traditional feel with a hand rubbed oil finish. The hand stitched sheath of European leather has a belt loop suspended from a riveted brass ring like it might have once been owned an American settler, hunter or rifleman.

The gorget by the 18th century was the last remaining piece of armour worn by European armies. A hold over from a more chivilis time it had no practical use in the wooded confines of the American Frontier, none the less Native Americans quickly adopted the style and began wearing their own made from trade silver or brass sheet hand hammered and decorated with their own motifs and signs for protection. The Warrior's Clutch gorget is hammered brass and commemorates the Warrior's Clutch set depicting both the club and knife and itself in hand cut chisel engraving with silver and gold plating. Silk ribbons in brass cones suspend the gorget on a brain tan thong so it can be worn about the neck.

All age and patina by Artist, singed and dated by Iron John Logan

Auction closed 8pm Monday April 17th 2023

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