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WWII Seabee Theatre-knife

Seabee Theatre-knife reproduction by Iron John Logan

This is my rendition of a USN Seabee Theater Knife. Theater knives were originally made by the men in the field, a form of trench art, either modifying their issued fighting knives or from scratch with materials they had on hand. The Name Seabee comes from the phonetic pronouncing of "CB" or Construction Battalion of the US Navy - The men that made air fields and other installations during the war. The 4-1/2 inch Seabee pattern blade is high carbon steel that I hand forged, ground and polished, then blued. A great utility blade! I feel that this pattern is much like the Scandinavian Puukko; with its thin, slightly convex grind and thumb rest at the base of the blade it would work great as a carving knife or general cutting or hunter. The handle is made from aircraft aluminum, windshield acrylic, and other plastics. It is supported by the blade tang that runs the whole length of the handle being peened at the pommel. The sheath is hand sewn and riveted leather and WWII issue cloth (material from airborne drop pants and drawstring). It is constructed in the Puukko style for rugged every day use.

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