Square-hole by Iron John Logan
Based on early spike tomahawks of the 18th century this handmade original has all the fit and finish of an antique tomahawk. It’s hand forged iron and historic steel head has a beautiful worn brown patina over a polished but intact draw-filed finish showing slight forge pitting and weld lines denoting it’s historical construction. The head measures just under 9 inches from edge to spike, with a 3″ edge. Minor flaws, surface imperfections and pitting as seen in antique tomahawks.
The curly maple handle was hand carved with knife and scraper and retains signs of these historical techniques, stained with aquafortis and rich iron ocher then topped with a hand rubbed oil finish it is pierced by a single square hole and tied with a leather lace. Measures 8-3/4in x 17-1/2in and weights just under 16oz. Display only

Square-hole: spike tomahawk