Small sword
Smallsword, pineapple pommel, loop hilt

1770s Smallsword with pineapple pommel and loop hilt
Forged and heat treated triangular blade with hand etching. Forge welded loop hilt and pineapple pommel hand filed with pure silver accents. Mahogany grip.
30.5 inch hollow triangular blade
37 overall
Balance 1.25 from hilt
20.4 oz total weight


Gladius or Roman Sword is forged from carbonized wrought iron (shear steel) with inlayed Bronze figures and Latin text. European Walnut and bone grip.  (all metals used in the construction I personally made)


Spanish model 1728 Cavalry Sword. These swords were a common sight throughout the Spanish interior of the American southwest throughout the 18th and into the 19th century, and luckily there are a number of surviving originals in public and privet collections around the USA.
Measurements for this copy from original in the collection of the Arizona Historical Society sword #7366

Blade length 36-1/2 inches
OAL 43 inches
weight 2 pounds 2oz
PB 5 inches from hilt
fully forged and heat treated 1080 blade, iron hilt, with twisted copper with barred grip.